1111117   It was 5 o’clock and the time to catch my train was  coming closer but we had not gotten the bus from Sompura which is the closest bus stop from our college campus. We had to travel almost 40 km from Sompura to reach Yeshwantpur railway station and Advait, my train partner,  was not ready by 5, so I left college with my other friends and he came after few minutes. Time was ticking but the bus to the main city bus stop was nowhere to be seen. Whenever a bus stopped, everyone’s eyes were fixed at the bus’s name plate and driver. But finally, after some time, we got our bus and started our journey of 24 hours from Bangalore to Nagpur.

It was not just a travel journey but it was the first long journey that I was taking myself. Although I had my classmate for company, but it was a journey of mind which was alone. The bus took about 2 hours to travel 25 km distance and we finally reached the main city bus depot from where we had to take yet another bus going to Yeshwantpur railway station. When we reached there, there was no such bus and also we got confused after seeing many buses so after some time we booked a cab and started our journey again. But as it is said, problems don’t come alone! We had got tatkal tickets but fixed reservation only  from Hyderabad to Nagpur. But as it was already 9.40 by the time we reached the railway station, we become nervous as the 10.00 pm train was our only option. So we somehow took general tickets of that train and rushed towards it as there were only five minutes left for the departure. So we breathed easy and stepped into the reserved bogie. We thought to travel on one seat which was empty. So we sat on that seat and got set for the journey. We travelled for 8 hours by  the two of us  sitting on single seat. Many TC’s came that night but no one asked us about our ticket. It was risky but it was also fun! There was something which was adventurous there.

All travelers in our compartment were nice but there was a big problem in our journey that there was no electric plugs for charging purpose so because of it all our mobiles’ and laptops’ battery were dead. Because of this all the people in compartment rushed towards single socket which was there near the door of the train. We almost slept at 3 in the morning and when we woke up there was a different thing going on around us. Someone had stolen a mobile phone of a girl who was sitting next to us and was travelling alone.  She was searching for it everywhere. Around 12 midnight she went looking for a passenger- a boy -who suddenly disappeared after the theft. So she started searching for him and she found him but as he was sleeping so his father told her that if you want to check our bag you can. So she checked his bag and found her mobile whose parts were dismantled. So as she got her mobile she started scolding that boy and everyone in the bogie rushed to that point .Some of them also beat him up. While beating, few people checked his other bags where they found that one bag was full of imported beautiful sandals. When asked to him he said that someone rich man has donated that. It was all fake. Nobody trusted him. So everyone asked him to say sorry to her and to leave the bogie. We were all feeling sad because his father who was heart patient also had to leave that bogie because of him. It was not nice but it was certainly an interesting experience for me! So our journey continued.

We were charging our mobile alternately. Our laptops were taking a deep sleep after a long time. By that time I was enjoying the cool and refreshing air coming through the window by sitting next to it. Suddenly, the landscape starts changing into brownish black from reddish brown. When I deeply felt that time I thought that it was like I was traveling from one country to other. But I really got surprised that what the nature has really gifted us an awesome environment – an environment that changes after every few kilometers!  I have experienced all those things in my journey. The birds which are caged in our area i.e. in Amravati were flying freely in air. It was really a nice feeling when you see flock of parrots flying with your train. I was really excited and curious to go back home after a long span of three months which was really a long for me as I have never lived away from home. But at some point I was scared of going there. Whenever the next station used to come, my heart used to start beating up faster. I was quite nervous about going home. I was stepping out of the train because of lot of restlessness. I was thinking over it but as soon I started feeling the air, all my nervousness went away. And little smile came on face. It was a smile of excitement for meeting my family.

Soon the 24 hours long journey was coming to end. But the journey has taught me lots of things in one day which has neither been taught by anyone in life. We got down from train and I took auto for going to coach point as I have to travel again 150 Km from Nagpur to reach Amravati. From there, I bought ticket of coach and again stared my journey. While I was finding my seat I found my old classmate who was also coming back from his college. Then our chat began and it last for whole journey as he also lives in Amravati. After 2.5 hours I reached my home town where my dad was waiting for me. From there we went to our home on bike. Mummy and my little bro were waiting for me with lots of dishes ready and lots of joy and excitement was reflecting from their eyes.

It was about whole one week to spend at my home. My school and college mates were coming to meet me. There were lots of hang outs with my friends. All was fun that time. After two days there was festival Dussehra. We celebrated it with lots of joy. It was a period of Durga puja so we visited a famous temple of our place i.e. Ambadevi Temple which has great importance during Durga festival. It was nice to have been there after a long time.

Then time arrived to return to my next home i.e. college. It was Saturday. My dad was coming to drop me to Nagpur. We left home and went to coach point but when we reached there, there were no coach. We enquired for coaches but there were not a single coach at that time. So we opt to take a private taxi and started our journey to Nagpur. We reached Nagpur about 2.5 hours early as compared to our railway timing.  So now we have to spend whole 2.5 hours on railway station only observing people. But we did long chats on station with many people and they shared their stories with us and how our train time arrived we didn’t recognize.

After waiting for long time for train which was half an hour late arrived on station and I stepped into it. I think it stopped for 5 minutes there on railway station. It was really the saddest movement in my life when I said bye to my Dad. Though I was coming back after some time but I don’t know why I was so sad. It was a feeling like I was leaving my parents permanently. But I realized that they are not coming with me everywhere so I settled myself .And once again mine and my train partner’s (Advait) journey started we settled on our seats and started doing our own work. We didn’t talk for a while. It was an irritating silence within us though we were pretending doing our work but we were busy only in our thoughts of seven days holiday. We did our work for a while but now also in that train there was a lack of electric plugs. So we didn’t get time to spend on our mobile phones and laptops. So we  started chatting with each other what we did in holidays, how we spent our holidays, what we are planning to do after returning at our college, etc.  So in brief we started enjoying our journey and felt the changes in mind and atmosphere when travelling to different places.

During this journey we met different kinds of people. Firstly there were two small children who were doing lots of noises in whole compartment of train. Their parents were scolding them but no one was on the verge to listen to them. We were surrounded by many college students so there was one uncle who was excellent in Vedic mathematics. So they started giving sums to taste our I.Q. it was really a challenging tasks always whenever he gives us sums. Also he taught us few maths’s tricks. It was really a fun. But also there was one funny experience in that travel. It was about 5 in the morning and all the passengers were sleeping nicely. But there was one man who had not had confirm reservation so he was awake whole night but in morning e went to sleep by playing on the songs on high volume. I became angry on him and we both had a bad tone conversation with one another because of which he stopped songs. It was really a funny experience for me.

After about 25 hours of journey we reached Yeshwantpur railway station again and there booked a cab for main railway station in Bangalore. The cab arrived and we stepped in. The cab driver dropped us at main bus stop. We there found the suitable bus for Sompura and after covering again 40 km of distance, we reached to our nearest bus stop from college where our college shuttle came to pick us up.

All were friends were waiting for me. Though it was a long and somewhat boring journey but it has taught me a lot. It has given me a lots experience which I would not have gotten if I didn’t travel.  It showed me different faces of people. Though there was lots of physical stress during this journey of whole week but really they are one of the best days of my life which I can’t forget it.

I returned back to my college routine but whenever I think of those days, I really feel like to live those days again. But as it is said that “Time never comes back”, it happens with me also as that span of whole week left me alone remembering my memories only.

Source of image: catavino.net