Solo journey in my village

My village name is Chatanpally, near Shad Nagar at Mahaboobnagar district in Telangana state. It has  been developing till now. Chatanpally formed by many years ago in Telangana. It was a small village and all the official offices belong to Chatanpally is in Shad Nagar which was a big town near Chatanpally. Recently the government of Telangana declared that Chatanpally village is considered as one of the colony Shad Nagargar. Chatanpally village is famous for agricultural works.village

It was a hot day of November, even at 9.00 AM in the Morning… I walked from my (Chatanpally) to  grampanchayat. Grampanchayat is a Saba where all the elders of the village had meet very often.The journey takes nearly half an hour, while I walked, I observed people and the things which were unknown and unfamiliar to me.  Few old women were sitting together and chatting amongst themselves. Some of the farmers  going to work  holding tiff in boxes and sickles. There are was  cattle ( including cows, buffaloes, and few goats) eating grass under the cattle shed. Some of the school children   going to the school. Finally I  surprised to see that the grampanchayat was closed and there were no people. I went  one home , (which is near the grampanchayat) and ask them why the grampanchayat was closed”? Then he replied that “ It was open  only twice in a week” (Monday and Friday) and he asked me why I  came to the grampanchayat and what I wanted? I said, “I have  project on travel so I have to interview them regarding  my project work”. “Then you better to go to counselor’s house, he will give you  all the information what you want” he said. He gave the directions  to go to the counselor’s home and I went to his house. It was really crowded  because people from the village  came to him for solving their problems (like land, water, current, problems). The time was now 10.45 it was my turn to go to him. I gave him all the details about this project and asked  him “ Can you please do me favour by  giving  all the details about this village”? He said ”yes”……. so it’s time to interview him
Interview with councilor:



1. What is your name? How long that you are working as a councilor to chatanpally village?
His name was Sri Rajendhar reddy. He was working as councilor to chatanpally village for  5 years till now.
2. What about roads in  your village?
There was only 50%  of the roads because this village  near a big town called Shadhnagar and also this village was mixed with the Shadhnagar municipality in 2011. So this village had come under one of the colonies of Shadhnagar town.
3. How long Shadhnagar was from here? What is the occupation  of the village people mostly?
From Chatanpally to  Shadhnagar it takes almost 2 KM. Most of the people were agricultural coolies.
4. What is the caste that most of the village people belongs to?
Most of the people were belongs to BC caste.
5. How  old this village was?
Chatanpally village is nearly 150 years old.
Finally, I took photographs of him.



Most of the interview was done regarding to my project.I thanked him for cooperating with me. I started my return journey  home and I reached at 1.00 PM.  Again my travel started at  3.00 clock. Now I chose to travel in another way  to a primary school in my village. By walk it takes at least 45 minutes to travel. It was so hot there were  no people on  roads, I was so scared because I was  walking alone, no people in anywhere around me.  I almost reached, my destination (primary school). I first entered through the school gate, there were few students and most of the students were absent because of the dasara vacation holidays. Anyway I met the school principal and asked him for  permission regarding  the project. He accepted my request and allowed  me to do an interview.





Interview with school principal :
1. What is your name? How long this school has been working still now? What is the name of the school?

His name is Suresh sigh. This school was started in 1988. School name was Mandala parish Katharina Latasha chatanpally.

2. How many teaching faculty are working? And in which year your joined as a principal in this school?

Including H.M there are only 3 teaching faculty members and he was joined in 2009 august.

3. How much strength of the school and what about academics?

100 Members strength of the school and academics was excellent. Recently they won swatch vidhyalaya puraskar in 2016. It was also selected for national competitive school.

4. Some details about school?

Free books from Telangana government, free uniforms and midday meals. Mineral water for students to drink. One scavenger to clean the school. Sakshi news paper was free to school students. Sports materials also available for students.

5. Timings of the school and medium of the school?

School timings was 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM. Telugu medium school from 1st class to 5th class.



I was really surprised that the school had developed so much.  I was so  interested while talking to the principal and students. When I spoke with one child (student) “ How is your school and teachers”? He said that “ My teachers are teaching well and they are so affectionate about me. We are enjoying so much by participating not only in studies and but also in cultural activities”. He spoke very nicely  with his childish behavior. While I  spoke with the boy suddenly I heard the school bell ringing. All the students was ran to their  homes with  curiosity. Now the time was 4.30 PM. I thought  I would reach  my home at 5.30 PM and started travel to return to my home and at   5.26 I reached my home.

On Friday 14. 10.2016 it was raining from morning to afternoon (drizzling rain).  So I planned my schedule to travel in the after noon. I had  lunch in  home and I took  water bottle and started my journey towards the agricultural fields. The atmosphere was so pleasant around the fields. I enjoyed the pleasure of fresh air and there were  some custard  apples I ate them. Many flowers were also there in the fields. The workers were singing group songs while working. Finally , I met the land owners and spoke with them about my project  and interviewed them.



Interview with agricultural field owners:

1. What is your name?  How much land do you have from how many years long?

His name is Kuntla Krishna reddy. He has 15 ackers land and the land came from his grand parents from 15 years ago.

2. What is your growing in the land?

3 ackers maize, 1 ackers spinach,  7 ackers asfer grass, 2 ackers tomatoes and remain 2 ackers was not using in any purpose those land was full of green grass so it was eaten by cattle.

3. How many workers are working and how much money you are giving to them for work?

Nearly 8 members working as a coolies here and per day they gave 200 rs for ladies and 300 rs for gents.

4. What is maximum income per month and are you satisfy with this field?

Approximately they will get 80,000 per month and they are satisfy with this field. They also told that in rainy season they are facing many problems it results to loss their income.

5. Are you using any fertilizers? How is water suppling to the field?

Yes, they are using manure and few fertilizers once in 6 months. By bore mortar they get water supplying to the field.





I really enjoyed this interview as I got to know more and it was quite interesting. I walked around the field so many times and I helped them in plucking tomatoes. I totally forgot the time and mingled with the workers and sung songs as a group. After some time suddenly I remembered the time and realized that I needed to go to some other places. So  I said “ thanks and bye to all the people” and went away from there. Now the time was 4.00 PM. I started  to go to some kirana general stores. It was so close to my house also and approximately took 10 minutes by walk. While I walked many school children came and they remembered me and they started talking with me like “ Akka where are you going? And why didn’t you come to my school today as like yesterday? I said that I am going to this  general stores for  i have my project And i simply said  bye to them and they went. First i took interview with two kirana general  stores and both their views are same towards their business.





Interview with the shop owners:

1. What is your name? How long your doing this business?

Isanagari Narsimlu. They build this shop 8 years ago.

2. What are items that you are selling? Where do you buy them?

Mostly children eatable items, cool drinks, vegetables, all pulses, toys also. All these items they buy in shadhnagar. They get very much profit in the festival seasons.

3. What is your income per month regarding to  this business?

Maximum 5000 income per month. Loss and profit are gradually changing day by day. I am satisfy with this shop.

4.Is there any workers working in your shop?

No workers, we only sitting in shop and selling.



Maximum I finished all the interviews with in 2 days. My main aim for these interviews and traveling was to know how my village is functioning  including what was the works that are going on in my village. Through this travel I learnt  many things about my village. By speaking with to people and by seeing those places and my experience  with meeting  them directly made me inspired  to know more about my village.




While I went  to all these places I was really  excited because I never saw these places before in my village and also these places are such  nice places to interview and see. My experience of  traveling to these places was to get more information about those particular surroundings. People in my village were  mostly poor but still lived  very happy because they mixed with other people. They  mostly earned through  daily wages. They spoke only Telugu. So ….daily they are spending their most of the time with the work and their daily schedule is similar.



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