That was not the first time for me,traveling from Bangalore to Hyderabad. More often, I used to travel by train. But, for this time I traveled by bus. I felt a bit excited, a bit worry,and a bit of enthusiasm too. Traveling by bus was a new experience for me and that too in night time. Earlier,I heard from my friends about their experiences of night journey to far off places. They said that was a good feel and an exciting experience. With all my enthusiasm, I got in to the bus. Beginning there were only few people. Then after ten minutes, people are filling the bus .The bus was going to start, and I felt very excited. My co-passengers settled down in the bus and some adjusted their luggage. I arranged some snacks,cool drinks and water for me. The bus was started moving am eagerly waiting for the sunshine,I settled down at the window side, I started observing the beauty of Bangalore city in night lights that feel was so memorable. I felt bored so, I started talking to some co-passengers who are beside and in front of me. Then after some time, I asked two people who are sitting beside me about how they are feeling the journey to find out whether they were enjoying same as me or not. I found that,they are not that much excited as me. Then I thought that this kind of journeys might be common for them. What I observed in the conversation with them was, most of the passengers are traveling to their places for Dussehra vacation and even most of them are carrying heavy luggages. Unexpectedly, in the bus, I met a person who is also connected to my native place Siddipet. The sudden thing which came into my mind at once was, that the next day my village was going to become a district in Telangana state,,really that was a big thing for me. I spoke with him about the formation of new districts in Telangana state. Then after, I asked him about his personal life and where he works in Bangalore. He told that he is the daily wage worker, and he working in Bangalore since last four years. I posed some questions to him regarding his life and some other information.
I also asked him that why did he preferred the Bangalore city for his work. He then replied that, “When compared to his native place , he found that the work and the salary was high in Bangalore.” He also said that, as there is no enough work in their place, so he preferred this place. He mentioned that, in his village, there are like many people who usually migrate to different places on purpose of work.
I asked him about his feeling on our native place becoming a District the next day and also asked him whether he is going to stay back for celebrating it. He then replied that, “I have no plans to stay back in the native place and also he said that anyways, even though the formation new district is happening, it takes time to become fully administrative.”

Then I thought that he might be a bit interested in the development of our place, as he was talking about the administrative things. So then,I asked him about what kind of changes he is expecting in our place and were there any uses of making our place a district. He then replied, “Of course, I am expecting many changes to happen”. But, he said, that he is not sure whether the local people will profit by making it as a district, as it is a political matter.

My conversation with him clarified some of my doubts and raised some of the new doubts in my mind. At that time, I started thinking myself how the arrangements are going on there in my place. Then, I decided one thing in my mind firmly. When I reach my home,I want to interact with some people to know how they are feeling about this formation of new District, and what are the changes they are expecting from new districts.Again, I started observing the nature’s beauty. I don’t know where I am, but in that moonlight, I saw some fields and I felt the cool wind of nature. That was really a heart warming feel.
Suddenly, I felt hungry,I heard rats making sounds in my stomach. After one and half hours,, the bus stopped suddenly. I observed both the sides of the road and realized that the bus was stopped for the people to have their dinner. There are some hotels and restaurants. The bus became empty as everyone went down to have food. Slowly, I too went out of the bus. Two restaurants are situated to both sides of the roads, I felt a bit cold over there because, besides of the both restaurants there were some fields. Still, I enjoyed that weather and the beauty of moonlight. I went to one of the restaurant, I ordered food and when I saw the food my mouth filled with juices because it was looking red. After a long time I had spicy food, really I enjoyed that natural light, the spicy food, and good environment.Again the bus started moving,I went into the bus after 30 minutes. My eyes started closing slowly. Suddenly I got up, I heard some horn sounds and I have seen one terrible thing happened. A bus and a truck met with an accident. The place where the accident happened was not clear as it was totally filled with police officers and people. Slowly the bus started moving from that place. Now, the time was 3.30 am in the morning which I guessed by seeing some scenes and houses from the window. Finally, I reached Hyderabad at 6.0 clock in the morning. The bus stand was filled with people. Many people are waiting for the buses. The sounds are terrible to hear and it was too noisy that too in Morning.Finally, I got a bus to my native place(Siddipet). I get into bus where there are no seats to sit. Still, I decided to travel in that bus because I heard that I would not find buses anymore till afternoon. The bus started moving and it was very uncomfortable that there is no sufficient place to even stand. Ha!!,suddenly I remembered the day of “PushKaralu” which I attended two years back where the same kind of noise prevails. Pushkaralu is a festival where many people around different parts of Telangana gathers at 12 major rivers in India, in which devotional music and cultural programmes are performed. Slowly the noise decreased in the bus and everyone settled down. I could see the total city was filled with pink color posters and banners which was the symbol of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party which is the ruling party now. Again I started thinking about my village and just imagined how it will be decorated. Everywhere the walls are filled with posters of chief minister of Telangana, “Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekar Rao”. I observed that the city was very clean. Those arrangements had created the mood of festival celebrations. I was eagerly awaiting to see my village and changes occurred there. I heard some murmurings in bus regarding the festival celebrations and the formation of new districts. I heard from someone that by the formation of new districts doesn’t change the lives of normal poor people. Again my mind started thinking about that matter. I just suddenly recalled my decision which I made when interacted with the person in the bus that, to interact with different people. Finally, I am going to reach my destiny in few minutes. I observed many clear changes in my village surroundings, roads are extending,cleaning the sides of roads, decorations and everywhere filled with Chief minister’s photos and my village M La’s flex’s. I could see clearly a huge amount of development and changes taken place there. Finally, I reached my home. In my home they are preparing Bathukamma. It is a floral festival celebrated by Hindu women in Telangana. Before the day of Dussehra we celebrate this festival. Generally this festival is celebrated by women.. They made one Bathukamma with flowers. They play dandiya,which is a form of dance and finally immerse that Bathukamma into the river. I too enjoyed the festival atmosphere in my home. Next day afternoon I started my inquiry mission. I spoke to Teachers,some Government employees,some migrated people, migrating people, shopkeepers, merchants and etc.

I interacted with some of the Teachers. I asked them about how they are feeling and are they expecting any changes. They replied that, “They were expecting employment opportunities with the formation of new district.”They felt that if it happens it will be very helpful and also said that with in a few years the city takes place a huge development. From there I took a bus and I went to a place where mostly the migrated people are settled. I observed that the streets are very dirty and they don’t have even good shelter to live in.
I interacted with people who had migrated to Siddipet and I asked them about what kind of changes they are expecting from the formation of new districts. They told that they are “expecting more employment opportunities but at the same time they are not sure about that”. They told that by becoming district many people start migrating there and the population of the city will increase and so they also felt again that there is a chance that everyone will not get employment.
From there by walk I went to one street called “subhash road” which was famous for shopping complexes and in my place. While I was walking on that road I observed a huge development occurred that there are many shops which are decorated and also some new constructions were started.
I talked with few of the shop owners about this and they told that they are expecting good profits by this change. They told if the place becomes a district many people have a chance to do work here so they thought their business profits will be increased. From there I went to my home and talked with one person called Ramesh who works as a teacher in government school.
I talked to him and I posed the same question to him. The interesting thing is that, Among all of the people I heard a different answer from that person. He told that, “from the formation of new districts the Government only gets profit, and there is no use to normal people.” Really I got shocked that being a Government employ why he was talking in that manner. He then told that the life never changes in one day or in one hour, it takes time.
Then I realized myself that how people are having different thoughts and mindsets. I don’t know whose answer was best and whose was not, but I just clarified with doubts for myself. Generally, a journey is something that brings nice and memorable experiences in someone’s life. But, for me, my journey taught me new things ,experiences, Created new doubts and clarified some of them.. Finally, I could say that, this journey became a “meaningful” and a “message full” travel experience to me!

Arrangements at the time of Inauguration

Bathukamma festival Pushkaralu